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PROCALC    Metal Finishing at It’s Best!

Say goodbye to guesswork!

The product of 35+ years of electroplating industry expertise, ProCalc, utilizes precise statistical algorithms to conduct all necessary calculations for you. Based on your parts’ geometries, your orders, and built-in customer specs; ProCalc calculates the optimal load size, amperage, and chemical consumption necessary to ensure each load is perfectly sized and each line is running at 100% efficiency.

There’s more!

ProCalc software also offers:

  • An integrated quotation system that makes every job profitable.
  • A quality management system that ensures complete line efficiency and part quality.
  • Business intelligence reports that can trace each order’s costs down to the penny.
  • Paperless inventory management system that alerts users when quantities are low and chemicals need to be added.
  • Legacy system integration which seamlessly integrates your currently used system into ProCalc.

What does this mean?

  • Complete elimination of rework
  • Greatly increased production due to maximized load capacity
  • The end of costly chemical waste
  • A streamlined quality assurance system with statistical process controls

The proof is in the bottom line.

The average year over year customer increase in profitability after using ProCalc is over 40%.

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Try ProCalc now for 30 days free! This is extremely powerful software, and we don’t expect you to understand everything, or to harness its full capacity without given instruction. If you feel that you’re at a standstill, or just want to get straight to using the product, please contact us to book a free demonstration.

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